Spare Keys

People normally buy a car with two keys – one for everyday use and one as insurance in case they lose the main key. Over time the spare key gets lost and the owner is left with only the one key and then, when they lose it, they can be in for unnecessary expense and inconvenience. It’s always worth having a spare key available.

There are several ways to make a spare key and program it to a specific vehicle. If the key has a “blade” (one you twist in the ignition to start the engine), then we need to decode the existing key’s blade and cut the new blade to that unique code – even proximity keys contain an emergency blade which needs to be cut, so the owner can access their vehicle in the event of the car’s battery going flat.

Having made a new blade we then need to program the key to the vehicle so the key can bypass the car’s immobiliser system. The immobiliser is an electronic device that prevents cars being stolen – it ensures that only keys with the correct electronic password are able to start the engine.

Lastly we need to program the key fob so that it can operate the remote-locking function of the vehicle – this is the push-button beep control that locks/unlocks the doors and boot.

Once our customers have a spare key, they have complete peace of mind in the eventuality that they lose or misplace their car key.

We carry a very wide stock of remote keys and “proximity” or “smart” keys (keys that you can leave in your pocket and whereby you start the engine by pressing a button rather than twisting a blade) to cover most makes and models. If we have to order a key, it normally arrives within 24 hours.

Spare keys are almost always significantly cheaper from us than keys that come from your motor dealer.