Remote Car Keys

Remote car keys are a crucial feature in modern vehicles, providing keyless entry, ignition, enhanced security, and control over various car functions. When your electronic car key stops working, it can leave you locked out and unable to start your car, causing significant inconvenience, particularly in urgent situations. That’s why having a spare key is wise. Several common reasons can lead to a malfunctioning remote car key, including a depleted battery, damage to the key or the car’s receiver, incorrect programming, or physical wear and tear, making it essential to address these issues promptly, often requiring professional assistance for resolution.


Dead Battery:


Remote Car Keys in Bedford rely on small lithium-ion coin batteries for power. These batteries have a limited lifespan; when they run out of power, your remote key will cease functioning. This issue may manifest as a gradual loss of key fob function, intermittent problems, or a complete lack of response when you press its buttons. Replacing the battery is generally a straightforward and cost-effective, with replacement batteries available at most convenience and automotive stores.


Damaged Transmitter or Receiver:


Remote car keys send radio frequency signals to the vehicle’s receiver, which interprets and acts on these signals. Physical damage to the key fob or the car’s receiver can disrupt this communication. Such damage can occur from dropping the key, exposing it to moisture, or simply through general wear and tear. Repairing or replacing damaged key fobs or receivers requires professional assistance and specialized tools.

Remote Car Keys in Bedford
Remote Car Keys in Bedford

Reprogramming Needed:


Remote car keys are specifically programmed to work harmoniously with a particular vehicle’s receiver for security reasons. Problems can arise if the programming needs to be corrected or the key fob isn’t correctly synchronized with the car. Such issues might lead to partial functionality, like certain buttons not working or the key failing to perform its intended functions. Reprogramming the key to match your vehicle’s receiver usually necessitates the expertise of an automotive technician or locksmith with the appropriate equipment and knowledge.


Physical Damage:


Remote car keys are subject to daily use rigours, carried in pocket bags, and exposed to various environmental conditions. Dropped key fobs, exposure to moisture, and general wear and tear can lead to internal or external damage. Signs of a physically damaged key fob might include visible cracks, broken buttons, or erratic behavior. If the key is damaged beyond repair, obtaining a replacement key is the likely solution, and this can be arranged through an automotive locksmith or your vehicle’s dealership.

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Key Fob Replacement: If you lose or damage your key fob, a Mikey auto locksmith, the expert in Remote car key service, can provide a replacement. They can program the new key fob to work with your vehicle’s security system.


Key Fob Programming: When you get a new key fob, it needs to be programmed to your car’s specific make and model. Only professionals can do this by remote car key services, so you can contact us.


Keyless Entry Repairs: If your keyless entry system isn’t working correctly, we can diagnose and repair the issue quickly, which may involve fixing or replacing the keyless entry components.


Transponder Key Services: Transponder keys have a microchip that communicates with the vehicle’s immobilizer system. Our Services can replace, program, or repair transponder keys.


Remote Start Installation:  With years of experience, we also offer the services of remote start system installation. This allows you to start your car remotely, which can be especially helpful in extreme weather conditions.


Key Extraction: If your key gets stuck in the ignition or the door lock, you don’t need to get we are always here to give you a car key service that can safely extract the key without damaging the vehicle.


Lockout Assistance: If you get locked out of your vehicle, our team services can help you gain access by unlocking the door or providing you with a replacement key.


Rekeying Services: If you’re concerned about the security of your vehicle, you can have the locks rekeyed to ensure that only new keys will work.


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Remote Car Keys in Bedford