If you misplace your keys or have had them stolen and have no spare key available, this is known as All keys lost.

It is a relatively common situation, with approximately one-third of our customers falling into this category.

When faced with this scenario, our first step is to gain access to the vehicle by picking and decoding the door lock. Once we have successfully picked the lock and opened the door, we can measure the depth of the internal cuts of the lock, enabling us to create a new key blade. It is important to note that in nearly all cases if we can make a key that opens the door, it will also turn in the ignition.

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To get into the car and make the emergency blade, we need to pick/decode the door lock on automobiles using proximity keys. We may begin coding the immobilizer bypass “transponder” that is installed into the key fob once we are inside the vehicle and have a functional blade (one that can turn on the dashboard lights). We generally do this by attaching a specialized computer to the car’s “brain” and instructing the brain that our key is “friendly” and so should be allowed to circumvent the internal security system. It is best for bladed or all-key missing proximity keys.

Finally, we must program the remote-locking capability of the fob to the car’s receiver so that the buttons on the fob may lock and unlock the doors. All Keys Lost Service may be involved for various makes/models – it usually takes approximately an hour but takes longer occasionally.

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