Many vans have LOCKS4VANS (L4V) aftermarket locks installed. These are high-quality security locks that are used on vehicles transporting high-value cargo. The only issue is if you unintentionally lock yourself out of your vehicle or if you lose/damage your keys.

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Before now, locksmiths may have had to resort to destructive entry in order to get your keys back from inside your van – this would normally mean drilling out the lock itself. Once the lock had been drilled, you’d have to wait and pay for a new replacement lock, pay for the old lock to be drilled, and pay for the new lock to be installed – a lengthy and costly process that would mean your van being off the road for as long as it took to purchase and wait for a new lock to arrive. Protect your valuable cargo and ensure peace of mind with Lock 4 Van in Milton Keynes, locks for vans near me, the leading van security solution.

MiKey Auto Locksmith now carry a specialist pick that allows us to open any L4V lock within a few minutes with no damage whatsoever to the lock or your van. This means you’re back to work with your van without any downtime or unnecessary expense.

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